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coming up on kron four news at eleven. police are trying to figure out why a man was shot to death tonight at the richmond bart station. we talk to a witness.. and the teacher from san jose accused of having child pornography. what police are telling us he did after his arrest. the news is next.
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> a man is murdered at the richmond bart station. police say the suspect is still on the run. this is video of the crime scene from of our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7 news. bart police shut down the parking lot for a time - but bart service was not interrupted. kron four's philippe djegal talked to a witnesses who heard the gunshots. >> reporter: into the night.
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the victim's body remains near the staircase, where bart police say the man in his thirties was murdered. jennifer williams was inside the station just after six o'clock in the evening. when she heard the gunshots echoing off the walls. >> as i was going back up to the stairs to catch the bus that is where the body was at. a woman was trying to resuscitate him and a another woman who was possibly a relative or possible new him. was frantically crying and i was crying. >> reporter: while bart investigators walk the parking lot, looking for any clues that could help track down the shooter. williams thinks about the victim's family, and who he's left behind. >> i did not even know the person but i am sure that he has a big family. they are grieving right now. >> reporter: bart police say it appears the suspect was on foot. a motive has not been released. malik carter was across the street when the man was murdered. and, says he saw his own
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life flash before his eyes. >> you have to live every day like to last. i catch bart every single day it could have been me. it could have been anybody. it happened here, it could happen anywhere. >> reporter: bart police say this is the second shooting at a bart station this year. as of right now, police say there is only one suspect at large. but police are talking to witnesses and say the investigation is still on- going. in richmond, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> catherine: developing tonight-- police say the san jose teacher arrested for child pornography this morning has attempted suicide. the teacher has been identified as nathan forsteel, pictured on your screen. he's been taken to the hospital. shaken the neighborhood where he lives. kron four's jeff bush has reaction from those of those neighbors. >> reporter: most of the people who live here were surprised that the arrested teacher was out of jail so soon after the raid for child pornography. the news of the attempted suicide was
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a shock to the already shocked neighborhood. elizabeth villagomez is the building manager across the street from where 44 year old nathan forsteel lives and is the neighborhood watch captainsounding the alarm and passing out flyers. neighborhood watch >> i'm trying to let them know in english and spanish that there is a preditor on our street and hopefully we can get him out of our neighborhood. >> reporter: elizebeth says it is disturbing that forsteel was a teacher at alum rock, her kid's school district. >> that's really scary for me because my daughter comes to these schools here and i also have a son, too, so it's scary for me and i would imagine that all the people here are scared to know that is our neighbor and he is a teacher. >> reporter: elizabeth says forsteel did some weird things but people didn't really think about it until after his arrest. >> there's, at least, 500 kids on this block. these are all apartments and each apartment has two or three kids. he's, actually, been out sometimes with his camera just hanging out, video
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taping and stuff like that but nobody's ever said anything. it's just weird. >> reporter: police say that forsteel is expected to survive and will be held for 72 hours in the hospital under constant supervision. i'm jeff bush in san jose, kron four news. >> catherine: an unwelcome new neighbor has joined a community in bay point. a sex offender and now parents and police are warning everyone to stay alert. registered sex offender charles christman has moved into the neighborhood on willow pass road. he's committed several sex crimes against children and is considered a sexually violent predator. he's the 2nd sex offender to move in -- and parents are worried about their children's safety. >> this is the second time it's happened. the first time aeronaut able to do it. >> the granddaughter i showed her the picture she
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is smart and intelligent. i told her exactly what it is he is a sex sky, dirty guy and if you see him to run the other way. this is the second time this happened the first time, we were not able to do much. >> catherine: parents from willow cove elementary are reportedly planning a protest tomorrow. >> an increasing number of smart phone owners in the bay area are losing their expensive devices to strong-arm robbers san francisco police have released this video showing how a victim was targeted on a muni bus. a man in a white shirt grabs a woman's phone - then runs off the bus. the woman actually managed to get her phone back. police say people need to be smarter about their smart phones. >> to them, when they see a smart phone you are basically holding cash in your hand. treat it like it is cash. put it away. >> catherine: police say to be aware of your surroundings before you take out your phone. and if you can -- wait until you're in a safe place to use it.
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>> jacqueline: it was cooler out there today but remains mild along the coast. 63 in antioch, 50s in pleasanton and 45 in novado, 47 and daly city. a bit cooler along the coast as we take a look at the golden gate better visibility but still patchy fog tonight. cloud coverage sweeping over the bay for this afternoon and this evening. it is pressing out. clear skies. the north bay, the south bay, with chilly conditions overnight. we will talk more about the cooling trend, coming up. >> catherine: a 14-year-old boy was arrested today - in connection with two bomb threats at fremont's thornton junior high. police had responded to a bomb threat today -- as well as one yesterday. they say the 14-year-old student has admitted to working with another person to coordinate the threats. the student was cited and
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released - and the search continues for the second person. classes remained in session during the search for any explosives - which were not found. >> catherine: more than half the students at foothill high in pleasanton didn't show up today.or left early. you can see the empty seats in one classroom. the problem - someone spray- painted a threat to shoot everyone at the school on this date. the graffiti was found on the wall of a girls' bathroom. police have increased their patrols on campus. and an investigation continues. >> alameda teachers have approved a new contract settlement. the deal includes a four- point-five percent salary increase over two years also - and the potential for more in the 2014-2015 school year. the teachers say they among the lowest-paid in alameda county. they're also happy that the school calendar has been finalized through 20-16. there's also protection against class sizes getting any bigger - in kindergarten through third grade.
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>> a gas leak was reported today in san francisco. that forced 15 people to evacuate their homes on alabama street between 25th and 26th. this is video from our
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helicopter partnership with abc-7 news a city crew was working on a sewer line when they hit a gas main. the gas has been capped, but workers are still on the scene. the people who were evacuated are back in their homes tonight.although the road remains closed. however, they are now open.
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>> gary: coming of the world baseball classic. and basketball, the sharks. and we will see how they did, later. >> jacqueline: it was cooler. will that last? coming up. .
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hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier?
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at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >> catherine: gun control advocates scored a big
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victory today on the assault weapons ban, but not without emotional fireworks between lawmakers. the senate judiciary committee has approved an assault weapons ban that was proposed by california senator dianne feinstein. she was clearly angry when a tea party colleague tried to scold her about the constitution. >> it seems to me that we all begin with the constitution. >> i am not a sixth grader. i was a mayor for nine years i walked in and i saw people shot i've looked at bodies that have been shot with these weapons. i have seen bullets that implode. sandy hook youngsters were dismembered. >> catherine: the measure now goes to the full senate for consideration. it's going to be a tough fight - because of opposition by the n-r-a and and an expected filibuster by republicans. feinstein is hoping president obama can help fight for the ban -- like president clinton did for
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her bill back in the 90's. the president has been pushing for tighter gun since the grade school shooting in connecticut. the families of some of the children killed in that shooting were in san francisco today. they joined bay area leaders to mark the three- month anniversary of the massacre. and announce an initiative to prevent future gun violence. >> "we're moved that this tragedy has affected and mobilized the nation. we can feel the thirst for change/ though there have been many senseless losses before and since sandy hook, we're determined to make this a turning point for our country." >> catherine: december 14- th. 20 students and six adults were killed in the shooting in newtown, connecticut. the new initiative is aimed at using money from venture capitalists to invest in new innovations in gun safety. mental health research. and school safety. >> tonight police are trying to figure out the motive behind a man's shooting rampage in new york. the gunman, kurt meyers, was shot and killed today by
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police. officers entered the abandoned warehouse where meyers was holed up -- and he was killed in a shoot- out. police say he managed to kill one of their dogs. authorities say myers shot 6 people yesterday - killing four of them. they also think he blew up his own house. >> house speaker john boehner says he has too much to do in washington to travel to rome for the pope's installation ceremony. the white house had invited him to be part of the u-s delegation led by vice president joe biden. boehner says he appreciates the offer - but has lots of duties lined up -- including hosting the irish prime minister. boehner is the highest ranking catholic in congress. >> jacqueline: temperatures for cooler today with 70's and portions of the north bay. closer to the coast it was cooler. as we look ahead we will see some areas of fog toward slightly cooler
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that trend will continue for the weekend. temperatures are still mild for this time of year. 60s. those clouds are pressing to the south with cooler temperatures for tomorrow morning. we are still going to see some fog. perhaps more than with the fog tracker is showing. by 6:00 a.m., just the san mateo coast but i think that portions of the bay shore will also be impacted. by 8:00 a.m., still fog but it should clear by 11:00 a.m. temperatures? a few degrees cooler. 60s, 70's for the south bay. cupertino, san jose and also 70's for the inland valleys but cooler pour the east bay shore. we are going to see that cooler marine air. temperatures in the 50s. 50s for san francisco and as for the sierras? it will stay dry
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for the next several days. pretty mild, but a cooling off on a sunday a look at your extended forecast. it will last with peak changes wednesday. the rainfall returns that could linger torched thursday. >> catherine: in less than 2 weeks -- drivers can travel through the brand new twin tunnels which by-pass the devil's slide. after 7 years of construction -- the new tunnels will finally open march 26th. it's an area that has been plagued by repeated landslides. kron 4's charles clifford gives us a virtual look. >> this is a google earth look along highway one just south of pacifica. this stretch of road is known as devil's slide. the highway here has been plagued for decades by falling rocks and unstable ground, but on of march 26th this mile and half long stretch of roadway will be permanently closed to traffic. and cars traveling on highway one will be re- routed through a pair of twin tunnels that bypass
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devils slide altogether. to the north, highway one will closed down here and traffic will be transferred onto a pair of new bridges that lead to and from the tunnels.. which enter the mountain here... each tunell will have a single 12 foot wide travel lane with shoulders on each side. once cars enter the tunnels they will travel about 4/5ths of mile underneath this mountain before reconnecting with highway one on the other side, completely bypassing the old roadway. the bypass tunnels have been 8 years in the making with a price tag of 439 millions dollars. a grand opening celebration is scheduled for march 25th. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> catherine: the c-h-p is cracking down on drivers who pull over right before the bay bridge toll plaza in an effort to save a couple of dollars.. until 9:59 a-m every weekday, the toll to cross the bridge is 6 dollars. but when the clock strikes 10, the toll drops to 4. some drivers pull over as they approach the booth and
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wait out the clock. the c-h-p says those people are creating a hazard and potentially risking their they've been out in force ticketing drivers. and those tickets run from 1 to 3 hundred dollars. >> this has been national pi day. not the dessert -- but pi as in the numerical ratio three point one four! it's celebrated every year on march 14th. pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference, to its diameter. one math expert calls the day a "celebration of nerdiness." >> in sports. the stanley cup champions are in town and taking on the sharks. and the cal bears are involved in a shocker at the pac-12 tournament. gary has all the highlights and the rest of the sports. next
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>> gary: pac-12 tourney - cal/utah mike montgomery 2nd half justin cobbs hits the 3- pointer 56-52 cal time winding down/ 59-56 cal jarred dubois with cal not fouling hits the 3-pointer to tie the game with 4 seconds left cobbs tries a desperation shot from half court to win it but it's not close overtime send the game into over time 59-59 overtime jordan loveridge hits the 3-pointer 64-59 utah and they would not look back from there battered montgomery now must wait to see about ncaa tournament
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final: 79-69 utah sharks/kings darryl sutter and the stanley cup champs in town 3rd period/ 3-1 sharks logan couture off the turnover gets the breakaway score 4-1 sharks rolling 3:20 left/ 4-2 sharks dwight king scores off the rebound and here come the kings 4-3 sharks 30 seconds left antti niemi two big saves to thwart the comeback attempt todd mcclellan becomes winningest coach in sharks history with his 207th win final: 4-3 sharks wbc - usa/dominican republic
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joe torre in miami winner to advance to semi-finals at at&t park top 2nd r.a. dickey gives up a 450- foot home run near to budweiser sign to handley ramirez 1-1 tie top 9th/ 1-1 tie pinch-hitter erick aybar vs closer craig kimbrel aybar singles to right field nelson cruz scores 2-1 dominican republic wild celebration ensues they tacked on an other run final: 3-1 dominican republic a's rangers phoenix, az 6,434 in phoenix to watch the a's host rangers top 1st adrian beltre a deep shot -
11:29 pm
but watch great running catch in the outfield by the cuban missle, yoenis cespedes it's still a sac-fly and a run scores bot 5th, 4-0 tex josh reddick - the bearded one - sends this randy wells pitch deep over the wall in right reddick's 2nd home run of the spring rangers beat a's 6-2 a's drop to 8-9 this spring the 49ers lost their 4th free agent, and third on defense when the colts inked defensive lineman ricky jean francois to a 4-year, $22 million deal francois joins isaac sopoaga and dashon goldson on defense, as well as tight end delanie walker as 49ers to leave via free agency francois may best be known for what he calls his "penu--peanut butter jelly" dance: ♪

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